Data Scientist

Data Scientist
A Data Scientist at Surgo assists in the company's data-related initiatives by heading up larger data projects with a focus on gaining insights via analytics and visualization of data. Data Architects tend to have an innate understanding for how various data sources can come together to produce actionable and insightful analysis. They have strong backgrounds in statistics and other complex computational analytical techniques.   Responsibilities:
  • Develop new ways to interpret and detect useful patterns in data using statistical techniques
  • Manage the visualization of multiple data-related projects
  • Determine and implement efficient processes for analyzing datasets
  • Recommend innovative solutions to existing problems
  • Generate new ideas for data initiatives
  • Communicate with sales associates on specific analyses/projects
  • Explain complex ideas or algorithms in understandable ways
  • Anticipate client needs and be proactive in anticipating problems and finding solutions
  • Communicate development-related needs to the development team effectively
  • A bachelor’s degree from a university in areas including, but not limited to: physics, math, statistics, computational and applied math, engineering, chemistry, biology, geology, or economics.
  • 3+ years of data modeling/analysis experience
  • 3+ years experience with statistical programming languages (R, MATLAB, SAS, Python, etc)
  • Ability to effectively communicate new ideas to other team members
  • Ability to manage projects with a team of Data Analysts/Architects
  • Proven experience with data visualization techniques and software (Tableau)

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