Understanding Appearance in Google Shopping PLAs

The Why?

The primary benefit of analyzing appearance in Google Shopping is to understand a unique measure of listing competition. This is done by analyzing the appearance rates for competing brands in Google Shopping results specifically.

SURGO configures a keyword matrix with the client at project kick off, where primary business objectives are explored and addressed holistically.  It is here that clients typically identify a breakdown in product categories for the analysis.

  • Keyword Matrix a group of keywords with shared searcher intent.

The most tangible client results are seen when these keywords are part of the client’s paid strategy and drive clicks, visits and conversions to the company and its competitors. By separating keywords into categories, the analysis can answer which of the client’s products has the greatest overall visibility to the end consumer and how that stacks up against competition.

A clear understanding of product visibility in Google Shopping can assist clients in making online advertising decisions by taking into account these three factors.

  • Appearance: Who is leading the charge in Google Shopping visibility?
  • Competition: Who are the top competitors in broad and niche areas and what is being seen in their product descriptions and pricing strategy that could be applied by the client?
  • Optimizing Ad Dollars: In which existing product categories is the client  winning or losing? By understanding which products are most visible on Google Shopping, clients can better gauge where to reallocate a greater ad spend to their traditional Google Ads.
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