Local SERPs: Summarized Data by Neighborhood for Easily Digestible Results

Local SERPs Requirements

For all Local SERPs metrics, data retrieval points are evenly distributed across a minimum boxed area of the city (or region) and the radius from each data point is manually defined by searcher intent. Density of data point retrieval can be customized based on client query.

  • Strategic search queries based on keywords are compiled
  • A 500m (546 yd) radius from each data point was set (estimated as the maximum walking distance a searcher would consider)
  • 20 search results (businesses) are aggregated for each search query, for each data point 
  • Data is summarized by neighborhoods to provide easily digestible results

SURGO’s data team retrieves local maps search results from data points across a predefined city or regional area.

To learn more, read our case study on Local SERPs for a NYC Based Gym Franchise

Coming Soon: Centroid Interest

Utilizing SURGO’s Interest Capabilities, SURGO developed a methodology that allows us to determine shifts in demand based on geography. Using a keyword matrix and search data from every US state for the last 4 years we are able to determine the directional movement of product interest. The methodology is based on the mathematical equation for determining a centroid.

  • Centroid (noun) the center of mass of a geometric object of uniform density. 

The methodology is then applied to our set of keywords based on annual search volume.